Custom Jewellery Designs

Have you ever thought, “This ____ would make a great piece of jewellery”?! Whether you were thinking of a pattern, painting or plant, you can turn your wildest creations into reality with Kurtis Jewellers’ custom designs.

Eccentric or simple, classic or innovative, we are able to create personalized statement pieces ranging from necklaces to bracelets to rings that are unable to be duplicated anywhere else.

Drawing from a wide range of materials and gemstones available to us, our jewellers are able to craft beautiful creations for even the most original requests. Whether you are creating something for yourself or someone special, our jewellery experts are here to help. We are also happy to help build on any ideas you may have for a custom piece. If you have a favourite gem or a specific stone in mind, we can help you match the metals for the setting. If you have a precious metal you prefer to wear, we can help build on its brilliance with colourful gemstones or custom engraving.

Have you recently had a family heirloom passed down to you that doesn’t quite fit? Let us turn it into something beautiful, made just for you. Our jewellers can deconstruct rings, necklaces and everything in between, all while preserving the most important surviving elements of the original jewellery intended for use in the new custom piece.

No matter what the project or piece, let Kurtis Jewellers create the perfect custom jewellery for you and the people that mean the most to you.