Hand and Laser Engraving

Add your own words to almost any piece of jewellery with our hand and laser engraving technology. A special message of love from one partner to another, a commemorative year for a recent graduate, your new monogrammed initials, or just a simple inside joke between two people – whatever the significance,

Kurtis Jewellers can bring your special messages to life.

Hand Engraving

At Kurtis Jewellers, we offer hand engraving to make your gift truly unique. Carving initials or inscriptions into precious metal is a meticulous skill that cannot be mastered overnight. Only with a steady hand and a keen eye can your messages shine through. Our artisans can ensure the most personal touch can be added to nearly all the jewellery we have in store, complimenting our already spectacular pieces.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a technique that inscribes your personal messages into a surface with a computerized laser, as opposed to a human hand. The ability of the laser to cut deeper into your desired piece of jewellery enhances readability and ensures the engraving’s longevity. The laser can also be programmed to the best depth and size for each unique metal or piece of jewellery.

From wedding bands to watches, make any new piece of jewellery custom with our hand and laser engraving technology
and add that personal touch, creating a memorable gift for someone special.