Insurance Appraisals

Whether your most precious jewels were given as gifts, handed down from family members, or purchased for your own pleasure, you want to make sure they are protected and insured from any harm. We want to be able to provide knowledgeable advice on the value of your diamonds and other precious gems. Kurtis Jewellers is able to provide Insurance Appraisals for all your jewellery and signature pieces.

Appraising a piece of jewellery simply means determining how much it is worth. Our trained appraisers are able to identify a wide range of gems and accurately evaluate their quality. Where gemologists are experts in identifying gems, appraisers are able to put a commercial value based on the gem’s quality and according to current market trends. Learn more about our professionally trained gemologists.

The Canadian Jewellers Association defines Insurance Appraisals as

“a comprehensive description supporting an estimate of the value to be used as the basis for establishing the cost of an insurance policy … representing the top value for settlement in the event of a claim”.

An accurate and up-to-date appraisal provides the details of what makes your piece distinct and is the best way to assure you are properly protected for its full value. With the right personal jewellery insurance, if you need a repair or replacement, you should be able to receive the same kind and quality as the original item.