Pearl Restringing

Did you know that over time your pearl jewellery may become loose and lose the durability of its former self? Quality pearls are strung on thin silk strands which can weaken, stretch, or discolor over time. While the pearls themselves will continue to look glamorous, the silk strand that holds your piece intact may need to be replaced as often as annually, depending on how often you wear your pearls.

You don’t want to end up chasing half your necklace down King Street! Kurtis Jewellers offers Pearl Restringing Service to bring your pearl jewellery back to life.

If you’re looking to restyle an outdated pearl bracelet or necklace you can also use our Pearl Restringing Service to put your personal style on an old classic. Not sure exactly how you want your pearls to look? Consider replacing a plain pearl clasp with a gold or diamond clasp during the restringing process, or converting a long pearl strand into a shorter style with a matching bracelet.

If you regularly wear pearls, you should consider having them restrung at least once a year to make sure the strand never loses its durability and strength. If you only bring out your pearls for special occasions, restringing should occur every 2-3 years.

Bring your pearl jewellery to Kurtis Jewellers and keep your pearls looking amazing for years to come.