Watch Services

From a conductors’ pocket watch perfectly timing arrivals and departures of trains to a doctors’ wristwatch timing a newly beating heart, there is only one constant that remains – their steadfast reliability to count the hours, minutes, and seconds of our lives.

However, this reliability isn’t achieved without proper care and regular maintenance of your watch. Like any well oiled machine, a consistently maintained watch will continue performing at its highest potential for many years. With so many complex mechanisms that make your watch tick, trust only the skilled hands at Kurtis Jewellers.

Bring your watch to Kurtis Jewellers for complete servicing, including our guaranteed Batteries Changed While You Wait Service. We can provide a wide range of repairs and restorations including:

  • Wrist watch repair
  • Pocket watch repair
  • Watch restoration
  • Dial refinishing
  • Watch batteries
  • Plus many more…

Our qualified jewellers are able to service the most high-end watch brands including Bulova, ESQ, Patek Phillipe, Tag-Heuer, and Movado to name but a few.

Don’t let your broken down watch throw you off speed – bring Kurtis Jewellers your old, unique, or antique watches and we’ll get them up and running again.