Our Top 10 Holiday Season Marriage Proposal Ideas.

Marriage Proposals Over The Holidays

best-time-of-year-tproposeWith a new year just around the corner, this is the time of year when many people take account of themselves and consider the year gone by. As far as life changing decisions go, they begin to think of what is most important to them and getting engaged, apparently, is one of those big ones. According to an article written by Chillisauce News published online on November 20th, 2104, by the Editor they found “…winter is when proposals reach their peak. Romance is very much in the air during the festive season, with Christmas time being the busiest time of year for people getting down on one knee.”


best-time-of-year-to-proposeA holiday proposal, when does he/she think it the best time:

Christmas Eve: F 15%, M24%

Christmas Day: F 10%, M 9%

Boxing Day: F 5%, M 5%

New Years Eve: F 9%, M 7%

New Years Day: F 5%, M 5%



In fact, Christmas eve is the most popular date of the year to propose with over a third of people doing so. Followed very closely by Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, Santa will not be the only one with his hands full that night. Statistically speaking, many prospective spouses will be carrying velvet boxes with diamond engagement rings over the holiday.

It is our experience that the ring is often the first step. You can get a quick education here on our website about how gemologists grade stones. Outside of this, most people still ask our opinion for some type of guidelines. We suggest: For a diamond, avoid any color grade below H (too yellow) or any cut grade below Very Good (not enough sparkle). We’d choose a better cut and clearer color over more carats, but if she’s expecting a boulder, your choice is made for you. These days it’s cool to put some color on her ring finger; black diamonds, yellow diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires are all fair game as center or accent stones.

So the numbers are in, the stones rocking your delivery may be your next challenge no matter the night – starry or otherwise. How do you propose over the holidays?


Top 10 Holiday Season Marriage Proposal Ideas


proposal-tal copy1.    Play Santa

Ask a local department store to let you play Santa for a day. Have one of your love’s friends take her shopping and convince her to sit on Santa’s lap. Once she’s in position, give her the ultimate Christmas gift an engagement ring.

2.    Make Them A Holiday Star

Within todays movie theaters, just before every movie there are ads that are played as you sit there impatiently waiting for the movie to start. Sometimes they present little word games, trivia games, and the sort on screen. Find a romantic or themed Christmas/Holiday movie to take your girl to. Contact the movie theater and buy an ad that says “Enter Name Marry Me!” and present her engagement ring.

3.    Bedazzle Your Tree and Dazzle Them

Commemorate the special moments in your relationship via photographs, illustrating, or writing each event on a Christmas ornament. Intersperse these among the usual adornments and decorate the tree with all your special moments. On the tree topper — which you should wait to put in place — write, “Will you marry me?” and hang there your engagement ring.

4.    50 First Dates a la tech

Hire a videographer or use whatever phone or tablet device you may have handy to create a short story of how you two met. The idea being that you re-enact the events of your relationship as scenes in a movie. The more staged and campy the more charming typically. Bare in mind, not all scenes need to be acted out with 100% authenticity (you don’t have to kiss… but she will find it endearing and funny that you got your friend to do the video). Soap opera style is great, you can daydream of him/her at the office, you can interview family and friends, or just walk around in a dream state thinking about the day you met.


5.    The Snow Angel

Pick a clear spot in the snow as tall as your body and as wide as your outstretched arms. Fresh powder works best—where the snow is untouched. Carefully fall backward onto the snow with your arms outstretched. Move your arms and legs back and forth, like you’re doing jumping jacks. Next, write out your proposal with rose petals in the snow or using Christmas lights from your house. Have your engagement ring in your pocket ready to get down on one knee.

6.    Christmas Is Forever

Buy 5 gifts. On each gift you write something wonderful the two of you share; your first date, your favorite vacation, a hobby, sports you share in common, etc. Each gift should reflect what you wrote. The fifth gift should simply say… Our past has been amazing. Here’s to our years ahead… and voila! She opens it to find the engagement ring…

7.    Bah Humbug Breakfast in Bed:kurtis-jewellers-top-10-holiday-marriage-proposal-in-bed copy

Get away from the family, friends and Christmas mayhem, proclaim it “Enter name Day” and let your husband or wife-to-be know that you have planned a breakfast in bed, movies in bed, a picnic later, and a special dinner. Use heart shaped bacon, strawberry Christmas trees… get creative, bring a tray with their favourite dishes. Have a folded cloth napkin with the words “Marry Me” written inside. Once nestled together sitting up feed him/her a few bites… and voila, “oh my, you need your napkin…” YOU flip the napkin up and place it on her lap just so…. and present her with the engagement ring. The rest of the day rolls out as you planned it with a focus on you as a couple over the holidays.

8.    Enlist Help From Furry Friend

Attach plastic antlers and a red nose to your (cooperative, selfless) dog or cat. Then put the ring on a ribbon around the dog or cats neck and send them to wake your beloved. If you have two pets, attach a “Marry” sign to one then “Me” sign to the second and send them in together. Peering around the corner for the result, get ready to present him/her with the engagement ring.

9.    Count Down

If you’re at a party, work your proposal into the crowd’s big countdown to the New Year. Right before everyone starts screaming, “10, 9, 8…” say, “I want to tell you why I love you so much.” After each number the crowd yells, quickly tell your sweetie a reason (you’ll have to rehearse exactly what you want to say). When the New Year arrives and everyone is hooting, simply whisper, “Will you marry me?”

10. Christmas Proposal Song or Poem

It’s Christmas time, inspire yourself by listening to Christmas music and consider proposing with a poem or song to express your love. Write an original marriage proposal poem or song. You can tie the proposal song or poem into the Christmas theme, highlighting the special significance of getting engaged during the holiday. Recite or read the poem to your sweetheart, or present it as a gift. Commemorate it by writing the lyrics down or having it recorded via cell phone or tablet device. Just remember to have your engagement ring with you for the “Will you marry me?” moment.



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