we’ve Made Some Changes!

We’ve Made Some Changes!

But don’t worry, everything you love about Kurtis Jewellers remains in tact! We’ve made some upgrades and changes to our website to give our customers, new and old, a better idea of what to expect when choosing Kurtis Jewellers for all their jewellery needs in Kitchener-Waterloo. Have a look around the new site to learn more about our products, services, repair and restoration capabilities, custom jewellery and so much more. We want to bring the personal Kurtis Jewellers experience to the online world.

Never been to our retail location? Come see why we’re different! A website can only do so much to meet your jewellery buying needs. Our retail space boasts a friendly atmosphere, genuine service, and professional sales representatives who are here to help you choose or create your next piece of jewellery. We promise a personal approach to every client whether is it your first or 10th visit. It is this genuine level of service that sets us apart from the competition and allows us to build lasting relationships with many of our clients.

Not only do our personal touches make our retail space a comfortable place to choose your legacy pieces, it also gives you a chance to view our magnificent collections! It’s one thing for us to talk about all of the beautiful diamonds, rings and watches we have in our showroom here on our website, it’s another thing to see it for yourself! Who knows, you may find that perfect piece you never knew you were looking for!

No matter what brings to you to Kurtis Jewellers – an engagement, a graduation or an anniversary – know that it is an experience that will be different from one you will find anywhere else.

We aren’t located in a mall; we have a peaceful setting. We aren’t owned by a large brand; we strive to build meaningful relationships with our customers. We don’t have ‘Corporate’ to answer to; we assist you in an honest way ensuring you are getting exactly what you need.

Visit us today and see why Kurtis Jewellers has been your source for quality service and products in Kitchener-Waterloo for the past 30 years.

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